How to identify and attract high performance professionals

Evaluating today’s economy and its future prediction, it is clear that to organizations survive in a scenery in which constant change and technology have a growing importance, people will tend to be even more important.
Having highly qualified professionals with specific knowledge and skills that go beyond what a machine can do is fundamental. Minding this a huge question arises:

How to identify and attract high performance professionals to your company?

Being good at what you do is just not enough. The professional market is getting more competitive each day, companies need to act and stay above average in all of their KPI’s. How can they do this? Hiring high performance professionals, people who are above the market average.
This is not only one of the premises of Jim Collins’s good to great book, it is actually the first chapter. In this work, Collins points out some studies that show how companies that strive in their markets are the one who have level 5 leaders.
The author divided professionals in five different levels:
Level 1 – High individual performance: can contribute to results through their knowledge, skills and hard work.
Level 2 – Contributing member of a team: uses knowledge and skills to help the team. Can work efficiently in groups.
Level 3 – Competent manager: is able to organize in an effective way people and resources to reach certain goals.
Level 4 – Effective leader: has commitment, drive and high persuasion skills, encourages the group to reach high performance standards.
Level 5 – Leader level 5: builds a lasting greatness by combining humility and professional drive.

In Collins’s words:
“The X factor of a great leadership is being humble. Humility combined with strong determination for something greater than yourself.
Let me make this clear: these professionals are ambitious, their energy is huge, they never want to stop…but in a leader level 4, all this energy and ambition are about them: how much money they will make and their self-image.
In a leader level 5, all the energy and determination channels outwards: to a cause, a company, a team and an objective. A leader level 5 leads to serve.”
This mindset of dedicating themselves totally to a cause, a vision and an objective that will make them the professionals with better survivability during market changes. Because they are always willing to improve in order to lead and serve what they believe in.
“Is a person who keeps trying when other people have given up and who is humble enough not to let his vanity get in the way of the progressive maintenance and expansion of his achievements. The level 5 leader does not let his ego get a hold of him for years, even decades, leading the company to a place where people who do not have this attitude hardly will even reach. This is how Collin’s concept works” Complements Rodrigo Sahd, Foursales General Manager.

How to attract level 5 leaders to your company

This is the kind of professional that your company needs to search. They are the ones who will help your organization to stay relevant ad prepared to adapt to the economy transformations.
To reach this top performers, Sahd advices us to ask an indication from another high performer. “The more high performance people you know, more candidates you will have available to you. The advice I would give to Human Resources professionals, Directors and Entrepreneurs is to have a network with these professionals. Always identify someone who is a reference in your area and ask them for an indication.”
Now, identifying and knowing these high performance professionals is only our first step. It is also important to call their attention to your organization. To meet this challenge,
Sahd points out that the keyword is reputation.
These high performance professionals do not need to know everything your company does to be interested in it, all the company need is a good reputation among professionals. “There is no use in knowing a lot of talents and having a bad reputation or vice-versa. Only the combination of both will work. High performance candidates choose the companies they will work. If the company does not meet their expectation, they will end up losing their top performers” Sahd adds.
The fact is that reputation will be something increasingly important – both to companies and candidates. “The word in the future for employability will be reputation. Leave a good legacy and a good reputation in all the companies you pass by. The world is getting small. It’s very easy to profile and frame someone” he concludes.
What about you, how do you perceive the employment changes we are facing?

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