Profile and skills of the commercial professional in the future

In an article recently published, Rodrigo Sahd, our General Manager, said that the transformations in the commercial area dynamics will happen due to three main factors:

  1. The simplification of the buying process
  2. They automation of the sales process
  3. The consumer experience as a survival factor

In this situation, it is important to understand what will be the most valued behavior and skills of the sales professional in the future, to keep up to changes and stay relevant.
While sales professionals need to develop necessary skills in this situation, the companies need to understand the profile of the ideal professional they need to look for and hire.

Profile and skills of the commercial professional in the future

These are the fundamental skills for the sales professionals in the future.

1 – Self-development

The skill to constantly search for knowledge and quickly adapt, more than ever, will be a rule. The explanation for this is related to Artificial Intelligence and other technologies that will impact the way of doing business and interacting with clients – that will start to appear faster and faster. In this scenario, searching for ways of absorbing new knowledge and bringing them to daily life will be a survivability factor.
It is important to pay attention to the fact that, many times, the commercial development courses cannot keep up with the market trends. So the sales professional needs to look for this knowledge by himself.
In this sense, Sahd recommend salespeople and sales managers to use, besides books and training, the knowledge available on the internet “As there won’t be a lot of entities that will supply the public with these kind of information, I would recommend the self-taught online study, through Youtube and other open platforms that supply the public with free content.”
He points out three main subjects:

  • Digital Marketing for Sales
  • Commercial automation using CRM
  • Sales methods and process design

2 – Internationalization

The word 30 years ago is way different than today. But is not that the earth area is changing, the borders that have shortened. The internet is the great responsible for the shortening of borders.
Of course this changed the way companies act. In the commercial area, it is no different. Each day there are new opportunities to sell products abroad and sales professionals in the future will need to think about this internationalization during their development.
“People who master this international sales process, who have a multicultural profile and who invest in international sales relations will be very relevant for the market” Sahd points out.

3 – The necessary skills

An important change in the market that will influence the skills necessary for the sales professional is that each day companies will focus more on their core business, leaving to third-parties everything that is not their focus. This will lead to more specific and complex sales positions.
“Each day it becomes more clear that the position charts of the commercial area will be smaller and more focused on the core business of the companies. Positions will be really specific, something like: I need a professional who focus strongly in inboud, has experience in startups and knows how to act in the sales process from the beginning to the end.”
Sahd points out that the management positions will have increased efficiency demands “In middle and high management, there will a tendency of the professional being extremely focused or multi-skilled.”
O perfil e as habilidades dos profissionais de vendas do futuro

4 – Specialization in Inbound and Outbound

In the present situation, the Inbound and Outbound processes are different because of the method used to acquire clients and the public profile. Each day these techniques will define the kind of sales professional searched by the companies, because technology will be present in both processes, with offline phases being more exclusive to big companies.

5- System perspective

Sahd defends the idea that a system perspective is the only skill in the future for sales professionals. Basically, they will need to understand deeply of the commercial processes, know the main trends of the area they are working on and be able to make the core business of the company a systematic process.
The professional with a system perspective will be able to separate and organize the sales phases of a company and create a commercial structure based in the identified processes, aligning technology and talent to give operations more efficiency.
“Practical intelligence, logic thinking, interpersonal intelligence. This will be needed for executives in every area. The skill of the future for the sales area is ‘system perspective’ that will be related to IT and Marketing. This intersection between TI and sales with marketing, this is the path that leads to system perspective, enabling the organization of efficient processes and optimizing sales” he adds.

Summing up:

At the same time in which we see the rise of constant technological and intelligent tools, the human capacity of specialized talents will also become more important each day.
So the sales professional of the future needs:

  • To be quick and absorb important informations;
  • Know how the main technologies work;
  • Have a multi-skill profile and at the same time focus in something – Understand IT and Marketing but also know to apply it to the core business of the company;
  • Have a system perspective of the sales processes, understanding the best structures, teams and operations.

This will be the design of the commercial area in the future:

In the Inbound section:

  • Leads specialists;
  • Social media specialists;
  • Content specialists – because content will be each day a stronger sales tool;
  • Adwords specialist;
  • Leads treatment specialist – the sales coordinator will take care of all leads management.

In the outbound section:

  • Specialist in small and medium-sized business – together with internal salespeople.
  • Maintenance of the A,B and C wallets.
  • In general, a more internal and automated sales characteristic.
  • With the exception of big clients, this professional will be more similar to the current sales profile (visits clients, negotiates, does customer service and makes consultancy-based sales).

What about you, are you ready for the future of the commercial area?

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