A real case about the impact of recruitment in the commercial area

There are many reasons for a company to take off. Many do not notice that the lack of a high performance commercial professional can be one of the main reasons why a company is stuck.
This is why having a good commercial area recruitment process is important since the start of the operation. This is fundamental for the companies to act in a strategic and efficient way, attracting the right clients and growing gradually. The history you will read next shows how an innovative company of the car sector did this really well.

Why request the help of a specialist when hiring commercial professionals?

Geoffrey James, a lecturer who specializes in the commercial area, says that many entrepreneurs, mainly the ones of the technology area, who graduated in STEMs, fail at showing their product to the market. These professionals, according to James, have a deep technical knowledge but not always are able to show what they have done in an attractive way to possible clients.
This is not the case of Hitech Electric, a pioneer electric car company in Brazil. Created by Rodrigo Contin, who worked as a competition engineer for F3 and Stock Car. His company is the result of years of research and developments made by Hitech Racing, the racing team that originated Hitech Electric.
Recently, Hitech started their operation, offering the B2B market two options of electric cars. Knowing of the impact that the commercial area has for the business, Conting worried in hiring a sales manager that fit the company and that could open new markets and expand to new regions.

“Up until then we did not have any salespeople, because the objective of the company was different. Someone indicated me Foursales and when I learned more about their work, I realized they were exactly what I needed”, he explains.
The CEO of Hitech Electric emphasizes that he never hired a salesperson, he did not know how to look for and how to evaluate candidates. And as the company was starting and his structure was limited, there was no a lot of space for trial and error.
“We needed to get it right in the first hire. So it made a lot of sense to look for people who specialize in recruiting for the commercial area” He points out.
According to Rodrigo Sahd, Foursales General Manager “In startups, one of the key success factors is knowing how to control the risks that come from subjective factors, especially the ones which are key for the business, like hiring the right people. It is fundamental for the company to limit itself to objective and controllable factors.”

The process of Selection and Hiring

Hitech was looking for a professional to act as a commercial coordinator. As the company was planning to expand its operation area through commercial representatives in each region of Brazil, the coordinator would be responsible for selecting ad managing this team of representatives, as well as selling for local companies in Curitiba.
Conting says that they had a general idea of the professional they wanted, but did not know exactly what the ideal candidate would be. Since it was a highly innovative product, the position required a more complex commercial approach. In this sense, he says that Foursales help was essential.
“In the beginning, when we were still structuring the business, Foursales counseled us on the salespeople profile we would need inside our business model”.

A partnership that went well

After a month of selecting candidates, we found a professional that was perfect for the position. “During Foursales evaluation they pointed out all the skills the professional had, and now I realize it is all correct”, says Contin.
The CEO of Hitech said that following the recruitment process closesly gave him a huge knowledge of how the commercial area works. The specialized knowledge of the commercial area that Foursales offers made the whole difference for Hitech to develop an efficient and adequate sales operation.
“Foursales pointed out many solutions for some doubts I had. From the motivation politics up to how to identify someone with the potential of working for the company as if he was the owner of it. These were some concepts I had in mind but I did not know how to apply. This is the aspect that the recruitment consultancy of Foursales really added the most. They know how to make things clear by saying for example ‘the market does this but in your case you need to do that’. This kind of recommendation were very important for my company” He said.
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