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Recruitment and selection for sales and marketing

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Foursales pioneered in recruitment and selection specialized in finding the best sales and marketing professionals in the market.

With worldwide operation, a strong consulting team recruited from sales and marketing positions, as well as a scientifically validated comparative methodology, we help companies hire positions for their entire sales and marketing hierarchy, from vice presidents to salespersons.

Some of our
+500 clients

Main differentials
of this service

High comparative sampling

We rigorously map, select and interview 2 to 3 times more professionals than our generalistic competitors, making sure that the evaluative parameter of the process contains a wide range of candidates.

High sampling density

We apply a set of evaluative tools with strong statistical validation, such as: Video Case Studies customized to each project; Interview for Business skills; Logical Reasoning Test application; DISC and Motivators test application; 360​​° reference taking.

Specialized consultants

Our consulting team is formed solely by professionals with previous career experiences in sales and/or marketing positions, which offers theoretical and practical knowledge of everyday challenges of a sales and marketing department.


“I really like all of Foursales’ service and support. Deadlines are always honored, great candidate quality, very explanatory and complete materials.”

Otávio Torres
Head of People, Contabilizei

“Foursales made a difference within our company. This has been very evident through the results of the Regional Managers we hired through them.”

Naitê Passos
HR Manager, Pimpolho Calçados

“Foursales’ greatest differential is how much they go into detail. They understand our needs. They try their best to know the best way to serve the customer.”

Patricia Bobbato
Global HR VP, Tigre Tubos e Conexões

Common job positions

  • Commercial Vice President
  • Sales Director
  • Marketing Director
  • National Sales Manager
  • Indirect Channel Sales Manager
  • Direct Channel Sales Manager
  • Business Intelligence Manager
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Trademarketing Manager
  • Growth Manager
  • Outbound Manager
  • Inbound Manager
  • Salesperson
  • Technical Sales
  • Sales Engineer
  • Pre-sales Engineer
  • Post-sales Engineer
  • Sales Consultant
  • Pre-sales Consultant
  • Post-sales Consultant
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Continuous monthly vacancy closings
  • Closing a large set of job vacancies
  • High volume selection of candidates
  • Among others


Percentage of projects delivered on time. 100%
Percentage of clients that repurchase Foursales. 89%
Projects closed with the first 3 to 5 finalists 79%
Percentage of hires of more than one finalist 14.9%
Percentage of replacement of hired candidates 7.5%

Some of our
+500 clients

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