How to Recruit a High Performance Sales Head (FishTV Case Study)

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About Fish TV

FishTV is a TV channel specialized in the fishing segment and present in the main cable TV operators in Brazil. The young company, founded as a YouTube channel in 2013, was quick to conquer the fishing market and attract a growing, qualified audience, now the largest cable TV channel of its type in Brazil. Having its headquarters in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost Brazilian State, soon brought difficulties in consolidating a sales team to keep the growth of the company.
“Our initial idea was to attract large advertisers, but it did not work out as we expected,” says Guilherme Motta, the company’s CEO. “Because we are one of the few independent channels and we are in the South of the country, the negotiations are not so simple,” he explains. It was time to structure a sales area that could ensure continuing business growth, but it was not easy for the company to figure out where to find the ideal professional.


The challenge of finding a professional to shine in a still unknown sector
Currently, FishTV’s clients have focused on fishing tourism-related businesses, sports utility companies, state / municipal governments, fishing championships, and aquaculture businesses. Guilherme remembers that “Fish is in all the TV operators. We created a scope and began to focus on large groups of channels. Then we decided that we were ready to sell media. For this, we needed a professional with experience in this market, with our profile and culture, “he reveals.
Even with an effective recruitment and selection process, FishTV’s board knew they needed help for this particular job. “To avoid a mistake in hiring, we decided to look for a company that had the know-how to guarantee the maximum chances of having a professional that was not only good but could bring ideas … someone who had a strategic thinking about the business, who could raise their finger in a meeting and give a suggestion based on numbers and experiences, “says Guilherme.

Planning and execution

How Foursales found the ideal professional
Mauricio Spiandorello, Headhunter of the Foursales Group specialized in services, media and sponsorship, and responsible for the project of Fish TV, explains that “early in the project I identified FishTV did not know in depth the levels of positions and wages of the sector, needing a technical recommendation on which profiles would have the greatest potential for the project, as well as which other segments could have synergy with the challenges of the industry and the sales channel. ” For FishTV having a very similar environment to that of a startup, with a young, organized and very accomplished profile, Foursales team advised the client to prioritize media market talents that were ready for a management position. “That is, those who were in the line of succession to become managers and technically ready for it, but who had not yet had that evolution due to the lack of opportunity,” explains Spiandorello.
At the same time, he helped the client work out a compensation plan that would make sense for this candidate to exchange a “possible future promotion” in the company where they were working to take up the challenge at FishTV.
Project scope executed by Foursales Group for FishTV

  1. Understanding the company context.
  2. Understanding the challenge of the position.
  3. Recommending and create consensus on the best professional profile alternatives for the project: seniority level and profile of target professionals.
  4. Mapping a high number of professionals with adherence to the defined profile.
  5. Screening by phone at least 40 of these professionals.
  6. Interviewing at least 15 candidates with all prerequisites.
  7. Applying practical cases customized to the project to the 8 best interviewees.
  8. Applying profile tests and take references for the best 5 to 6 candidates who were best leveled in the cases;
  9. Choosing the 3 best professionals in the market to present to the client;
  10. Helping the client to consider and formalize a proposal that would make sense to both parties, candidate, and company.


The result
Because it was an unprecedented spot in the company, it was a blank page to be written. “Nobody knows there is a fishing channel. It is this person who is going to stick with our sales banner. FishTV needed a multi-purpose professional with a growth mindset; someone capable of seeing a challenge as a fuel and having a systemic view of the whole sales area, “explains Guilherme. With this challenge, Foursales has helped FishTV to hire someone who is already pioneering this market and who will gradually take over the management of the entire sales sector of the company.
Feedback on the service provided by Foursales
Guilherme says that he was surprised by the high level of Foursales since the first conversation he had with our consultants. “It was a conversation very much in line with the ideas of our company. I can see Foursales consultants have gone through things that I’ve been through. All that I said about the pains we faced to hire professionals for the sales area, they had plenty of experience. They understood me from the beginning and extracted from me what I needed. After all, it is one thing to say that you understood the position, and another thing is to actually understand it,” shares the manager of the sports fishing channel.
Another positive highlight of the project, according to Guilherme, was the negotiation made by the consultant between FishTV and the professional that was hired. “Foursales was excellent. When we hired the chosen professional, he told me that he found it amazing how Foursales conducted the negotiation. I had the same impression. It was a conversation very much in line with the interests of employer and employee. We have to remember that we brought in a professional who had been in the same job for seven years. There are a life and a career behind it. And Foursales was exemplary for both parties. It was a very good experience. We will probably use Foursales for future demands, “says Guilherme.
Does your company need help in recruiting professionals for the sales area?
The most recent feedback we have from FishTV on the performance of the professional hired three months ago points out that he has adapted so fast to the working model of the company that it seems that he has been there for more than a year. “The integration was immediate. The professional is already using the vast networking that has in the segment to favor FishTV, “says Maurício.

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