The Ultragaz Case: How Ultragaz overcame the challenge of attracting talents for business positions

Ultragaz: Botijão de gás da marca

The labour market and business positions themselves are going through many changes. Consequently, companies and their departments of Human Resources face a growing challenge: how to attract business field talents to keep their companies competitive. When it comes to the mission of attracting sales and marketing professionals – vital positions for a company – one of the first and foremost tasks is to decipher what are the most important transformations that are happening in their segment in terms of how a client buys and sells their products and services, and what changes these transformations will cause in terms of profiles for companies’ commercial department. One example of this challenge comes from Ultragaz, main LGP Company in Brazil, and part of one of the 10 biggest business groups in the country. Gabriela Costa, from the company’s human and organizational development area, exclusively told the Foursales publishing team that she had to make four replacements of professionals who had been with the company for many years but could not adapt to the digital age and to the new commercial profile of Ultragaz. She tells us that presently, one of the requirements made by the company for their Sales and Marketing positions is that they need to have a “strategic profile”, and also need to integrate the company’s line of succession. “Our business consultant cannot simply be the guy handling customer relationships. He needs to be strategic, understand indicators, Business Intelligence… Be a professional in tune with the changes in the business department”, reveals Gabriela.

Scenario and Goals

There is no more room for recruiting without selecting.

This high degree of hiring requirement motivated the company to look to Foursales to help recruit professionals for this new moment. According to Gabriela, “Ultragaz had a history of great difficulty with several other consulting firms. Most did not understand the profile of our company and the professionals we needed. The Ultragaz consultant today has a more hybrid profile. He does prospect and manage a portfolio – which is a big deal in itself.” Gabriela tells us that Foursales was able to understand this particularity very well because, in her own words, “they are very critical and have a very rigorous evaluation process”. “We were used to just receiving the three finalists from other companies, but Foursales has the methodology of evaluating at least 15 professionals to select the three final contenders. This brings greater assertiveness to the process,” She acknowledges.

Planning and execution

The Differences Of An Actual Specialized Recruitment.

Lorayne Mendes, business unit manager conducting the Ultragaz project at Foursales stresses that “Foursales’ unique know-how in comparing business units, applied statistics and machine learning, added by the company’s more than 80,000 respondents to date, were the factors that allowed us to understand exactly which profile would work best for each type of position and business challenges of each company,” she adds. Another point brought up by Lorayne is that Foursales’ approach with their clients is completely different from that of a generalist recruiter, who is usually concerned with simply closing the job vacancy. “Our goal with clients is to increase the quality of hiring, which is why we have a much narrower funnel than any other recruitment consultancy in Brazil today. On average, only 10-15% of the interviewed candidates get to the final stage to be interviewed by the client. This ensures not only that the client closes the project with the first nominees, but also that they have several excellent candidates to compare, making sure that the client realizes Foursales’ high level of expertise,” she reports. In addition to being able to make a more scientific assessment of what to look for in each project, Lorayne also highlights another aspect of Foursales’ work. “By recruiting business every day for companies of all sizes, segments and nationalities, we know where the professionals each client needs are and how to attract them to the selection process.” According to Clarissa Jaques, Human Resources Consultant at the company, this insightful approach makes Ultragaz receive more assertive candidates and more robust reports. “I believe that the assertiveness of the processes is closely linked to Foursales’ methodology of assessing commercial skills,” she says. The main challenges of the Ultragaz project for Foursales were:

1. Deeply understand the behavioral profile of the high performance professionals that Ultragaz sought for the new moment of their business department;

2. Comprehend, respect and replicate Ultragaz HR guidelines for the project within the different regional units of the company;

3. Customize the selection process to ensure an employer branding capable of engaging the professionals addressed;

4. Find out through our machine learning tool which segments and functions employ the most compatible professionals.

5. Respond quickly and assertively to the demands that arose in the course of the service.

Conclusion and results

Results: Reduced turn-over.

Lorayne also mentions that for a complex recruitment and selection process for business positions, such as this to work, the engagement of the contracting firm’s HR is essential. “Ultragaz’ HR, for example, has a very complete understanding of the skills and needs of each job position and manager, as well as an extremely active and helpful HR in the course of the project, actively participating in various steps with us, which makes the fluidity of the work and the achievement of the expected results much easier”. In addition to the HR’s proactive stance in the process – not simply delegating the role to the consultant – another key element to the success of the partnership between Foursales and Ultragaz is the fact that Lorayne Mendes, project manager at Foursales, centralizes customer service from beginning to the end of the projects.

The balance of this partnership, about to complete two years, is very positive. “The hired professionals are greatly meeting the manager’s expectations. The indicator we use to measure delivery quality is replacement. Until today * we had no replacements among the professionals hired by Foursales,” celebrates Gabriela. (07/04/2018).

Results: “Time to fill” reduction (reduced time to close a vacancy).

This collective effort has generated positive feedback from different Ultragaz managers interested in working with Foursales on future demands. “Before, when the process started, the manager asked HR for help, or already indicated a consultancy which he had worked with before, but bringing reservations. ‘XPTO consultancy was the last to close a vacancy, but it took six months to complete the project,’ they said”. They came with a negative reference from other consultancies. “It took us, on average, four months to complete vacancies with other partners. Foursales, with a more assertive process, has greatly improved the time of the process,” celebrates. According to Lorayne Mendes, “the average time between starting a project and hiring in partnerships with Ultragaz was an average of 32 days, almost 300% better than the indicator that the company had until then. Today, Ultragaz’s average delivery time with Foursales is 17 days, which combined with over 80% job openings with the first candidates submitted ensures Ultragaz a process that is not only extremely assertive but also fast,” concludes.

Results: Business managers hiring better candidates.

Ultragaz’s commercial managers also greatly celebrate the partnership, according to Guilherme Rizzo, Ultragaz Regional Manager, who states that:

“The selection process carried out brought two very strong finalists who matched the aligned scope set at the time of the opening of the vacancy. The process was very fast and well conducted, and the candidates praised a lot the readiness, stating that it had been the best process they had ever gone through, in terms of design, execution and agility. For the company, we only had to analyze which of the finalists were most aligned with our needs. The chosen candidate appears to be a real talent, who can make a difference within our company.”

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